Why Fudex ?

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Official institution and registration number (2050048572) and licensed to work in the field of Internet services and e-commerce, was officially established in 2003 by a dedicated team in this business since 1998. Fudex - Tech specializes in the following areas:

IT solutions
1. Web industry.
2. Mobile app Development.
3. Design Studio.
4. Digital marketing.
Business and Human Capital solutions
1. Business analysis
2. Consultancy
3. Planning
4. Executing

What we do

Mobile Applications


Digital Marketing

Business Analysis

Design Studio



Executing and Operating

Our Mission

Customers are not the same, each one comes with specific requirements that represent his/her business needs. Our relationship with the customers is built over care and partnership, we aim to provide all the customers with a passionate and professional team that will not only help them in analyzing their business but also develop it with the newest technologies and help them in financial growth.

Our vision

Overcoming challenges and difficulties facing entrepreneurs and digitalizing their business so that they can lead and keep up to their market needs.

Why Fudex ?

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