Motion video

An important marketing tool for all business activities
Where it is provided by voice and image, the entrepreneur wants to transfer it to the customer in a specified period of time ranging from 3:10 minutes The current and future customer can find an answer to all questions in his mind about your product or service, he saw a reality in front of him to avoid the trouble of moving to the preview and did not remain in the NHA Yeh only make a decision to deal, it’s the least costly and most influential marketing tool in your client.
Idea and more believe that the concept of advertising video marketing is the basis in the process of marketing and promotion of the product or service,
The powerful video marketing idea reduces the cost of advertising times on social networking sites or television or distributes them to CD because it is attached to the mind of the viewer or listener from the first few times, so it leads to fast moving the sales process
The idea of the film’s screenplay also contributes to the viewer’s conviction of the product or service, thus translating this conviction into a procurement process or a decision to deal
Ideas and more, focus on creating the idea of work and measuring its impact before implementation to ensure that it is achieving the desired objectives