Al-Jabriya planned a new urban expansion between Hofuf and Mubarraz

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Al-Jabriya planned a new urban expansion between Hofuf and Mubarraz

Al-Jabriya planned a new urban expansion between Hofuf and Mubarraz
Al-Ahsa province started the new Hijri year by launching several real estate auctions in a clear indication of the vitality of this area in terms of population expansion and desire for ownership and investment
The owners of the al-Jabriya residential plan for Al-Ahsa recently announced the launch of the grand scheme auction on the next Saturday, 16 Rabi II, January 14 at the Intercontinental Hotel Hall in Al-Ahsa.
This is considered the alliance owners and developers of al-Jabriya scheme (Dragonfly for investment and real estate development, Al Saleh Group for investment and real estate development, Osool real Estate-Dajani-, Royal for investment and Real estate development, sea real estate, SADAF for investment and real estate development) an alliance with experience in this Domain.
Today the real estate market in the region is preparing for this event because of its importance and impact, where the Al-Jabriya plan is expanding by more than 400 blocks in a densely populated area and residents between Hofuf and al-Mubarraz and next to the neighborhoods of the division and Andalusia, and the plan is located in a strategic axis next to the main road network near From Al Banoosh roundabout.
Today, participants are deliberating on the topic and waiting for the best opportunities for them to have access to land at the right prices.
The auction is expected to provide land at prices that meet the wishes of buyers and participants
The fact that it was established in accordance with their needs in terms of suitable land areas and the nature of the services, facilities and infrastructure completed where the developers of the scheme provided plots of land to compete in public auction after their complete readiness of construction, which will be auctioned for sale whether by piece or block as desired Market and buyers ‘ request.


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