About Fudex

about us

Official institution and registration number (2050048572) and licensed to work in the field of Internet services and e-commerce, was officially established in 2003 by a dedicated team in this business since 1998.
Fudex – Tech specializes in the following areas:
1. Design and create websites.
2. Programming and Web development programs and websites.
3. websites and domain registration of national and global hosting.
4. Design and development of logos and brand identity.
5. design publications.

our mission

Partnering to succeed with all parties to achieve the desired

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Our vision

Spirit of action Providing technical solutions with the best standards

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Our goals

websites and domain registration of national and global hosting

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Why choose FUDEx …………?
The user is the focus of any project within the Digital Creativity Foundation, and the experience of use is the nerve of design; making the basic mission of the enterprise is to satisfy the users first, provide a unique user experience and attention to the problems of users and provide continuous support, in your favor as a customer because the satisfaction of the user is your factor of success and satisfaction Is the factor of our success and measure.
Special programming
You can now request your own programming to design as you like so it can not be designed on different frames
Experience the best use
Experience is our primary engine for a successful design process for your site and its users have the best performance
Continuous update
In which you can get a complete update of the site in conjunction with the latest updates in the code in the fastnesses time
Multiple use
Your site is now equipped with new add-ons and an advanced control panel that lets you configure and divide your sites according to what you want now
Responsive design
Your site is now equipped to work on all sizes of screens and mobile phones and high speed and ease of use
Full security and confidentiality of your data
You can not succeed and reach the top without having strong protection and high security for your website .