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Official institution and registration number (2050048572) and licensed to work in the field of Internet services and e-commerce, was officially established in 2003 by a dedicated team in this business since 1998. Fudex - Tech specializes in the following areas:

IT solutions
1. Web industry.
2. Mobile app Development.
3. Design Studio.
4. Digital marketing.
Business and Human Capital solutions
1. Business analysis
2. Consultancy
3. Planning
4. Executing

What we do

Providing services that help organizations and companies increase income, expansion and growth

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Dev...

Our Mission

توقعات مدروسة، فوائد ملموسة، الالتزام بالإبداع

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Jumeez is a real-estate search engine and it’s the first of it’s kind in the middle east which allows you to search for properties in many real-estate websites and forums in no time. In addition it provides account for the users to save there preferred search filters and receive alerts and many more services.

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